Art for the client, dedicated to his girlfriend, fan of Aliens!acryl and black marker on canvas_ for more info – scuottie@scuottie.com

3 Street Kingz

King of the Beat, King Loco and King Bandito.. freestyle illustrations on the theme of three kings of the street… using tempera and markers on chalk paper.

Pimp story /illustrations/

Illustrations in the style of pulp covers with a touch of abstract art, telling the story of the street, an unknown passerby 🙂 Contact Scuott at scuottie@scuottie.com.

Sammy and Kim

After the recent „success“ with the depiction of Kim Wilde and Samantha Fox, I was approached again with a similar request. There’s nothing to be done. They are the sex symbols of our generation 🙂

Navratilova project

Juraj Kralik is a well-known Slovak artist who, at one point, worked on a project where the legendary Czechoslovak tennis player Martina Navratilova shot tennis balls covered in paint onto a canvas, creating various variations of colorful images. I collaborated on one such canvas and painted graffiti with the inscription „Wall,“ to which Martina added …

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Pigúra – new vinyl

When we released this recording with the band Pigúra… we had no idea that this year, for the band’s anniversary, it would be released on vinyl thanks to @haluzeum.produkt. It’s a limited edition, nothing business-related, just a quality remastered recording of Hello Amerika by the Pigúra band. I thank them and @pkrek for giving me a little push …

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