Vladimír "Scuottie Okie" Okánik is one of the most prominent figures in the Czech-Slovak underground and hip-hop scene. The founder of the creative video and digital art studio Reserve07 is considered to be one of the first graffiti artists in Slovakia and has directed and produced dozens of music videos for both Slovak and international artists in the course of his career. His journey in the industry began upon graduating high school, working as a cameraman and sound technician at the creative agency, Studio 727. Aside from being a director and producer, Scuottie also played in an alternative rock and grunge band Pigúra in Bratislava in the 1990s- a band that pioneered the cross-over musical style in Slovakia. His musical career continued as a DJ, performing not only in Slovakia but also internationally, sharing stage with global artists such as Public Enemy and Funkdoobiest. Scuottie was among the first producers of rap music videos in Slovakia, directing videos for artists like AMO, Drvivá Menšina, Lúza, also contributing as an artistic ideologist. Among his extensive work portfolio are collaborations with renowned artists including Tina, Misha, Dara Rolins, Indy, Clou, Karel Gott, Wanastovi Vjecy, Toxique, UDG, Vec, Skyline, Zverina, Lúza, the BIGG BOSS - PSH label, Hugo Toxxx, and American artists Necro and Lady Daisey. He collaborated with Czech productions in Prague as a director and visual artist, contributing to various projects such as TV jingles for events like Liberec 2009 World Ski Championship, commercials for EA Sports, Red Bull, NIKE, Baštrng, Orange, Télefonica O2, Hills, Vinea, Opel Corsa, EU Referendum, and work for TV channels such as TV Markíza, TV Barrandov, MTV, ČT, and animated various TV spots. He also participated in the and projects, involving flash animations, games, and comics. Scuottie is considered a co- founder of the graffiti and street art scene in Slovakia since 1993. Over the years, he created art on walls and trains in Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, and his works have been featured in Mexico City, London, Amsterdam, and Lisbon. His distinctive and unmistakable style sets him apart from other graffiti artists, and he is recognized as a key figure of Bratislava’s graffiti scene. Continuously seeking new inspirations, Scuottie collaborates with artists and illustrators from around the world. He organized and curated several graffiti, street art, and pop art exhibitions, featuring both Slovak and international artists under the auspices of the Inspire magazine. In the 90s, he, along with friends, initiated large hip-hop events with foreign participation called V-nyl. Scuottie exhibited his graffiti works (paintings) in Bratislava as the first graffiti artist at the Priestor Gallery in 2001, and in several European cities including Prague, Vienna, Berlin, and Paris. His extensive personal artistic work significantly contributes to his overall portfolio. From 2010 to 2014, he worked in Prague at the prestigious "kunsthouse" Meet Factory, owned by the renowned artist David Černý. In the meantime, he hosted a hip-hop show with his colleague on Czech radio Spin called "Nedelní Svěcení." With the opening of the first street art gallery and shop in Bratislava in 2014, also called Reserve07, he was able to showcase the work of a wide range of artists from around the globe, including his own designs. This initiative brought a fresh perspective to art in private spaces in Slovakia and served as an inspiration for later-established small galleries in the country. Though this urban space ceased to operate as a brick-and-mortar store in 2017, Reserve07 as a brand continues to operate virtually through its social media networks. Currently, Scuottie focuses on art creation, painting, and the production of music videos and commercials. You can find more information about his past and present work on this website in the BLOG section.

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