Mesiac: február 2023

Nemeck0 Jam

On Saturday there was a graffiti jam in the premises of Nemeck0 store . I was invited and so I painted nostalgically :)))

Wanastowi Vjecy

in 2006 I was approached by director Karol Vosatko to collaborate on a video clip for the Czech band Wanastowi Vjecy. I was very happy about it, because I liked this band very much. And that’s how this video clip was made

Štýl is Real /vernissage/

In 2001 I had my first exhibition, which was about street art, graffiti and animated clips in the Priestor gallery in Bratislava. The first exhibition of this kind in the city. Emil „Wolf“ Patucha had his works there together with me…

UDG_music video

In 2012, I directed this fun video about a band that signed a contract with the devil to play on tour in France. The devil ends up robbing them of everything

Vec – Turista

in 2008 rapper Vec asked me if I could make a video for his new song and how I would imagine it… I said that you definitely have to play mr. Spock… and so it happened

Tina_ music videos

Two music videos for Slovak R´nB singer Tina.. „kým ty spíš“ was her first music video, which I prepared with Czech production Eallin and „mám chuť na niečo chladené“, it was a song for the Vinea – drink brand

Mestopis_ Nitra 2022

on the occasion of an exhibition in Nitra which maps hip-hop in their city since 1998, I was invited as a pioneer of graffiti in Slovakia to exhibit paintings and graphics and also to talk a bit. I was interviewed by the guys from nitra city _ Osma and Ingrediens