Mesiac: apríl 2023

Birthday painting with Paris

On April 21st, I turned 46 years old and together with Paris, a graffiti writer from Trnava, we did a quick painting on the wall. After that, I continued celebrating my birthday with Trnava wine at a Pio Squad concert

Phunky Woman

This is a new funky woman image with a touch of the 90s style. This time, I tried to paint the entire picture using only spray cans and markers. For sale. For more information, please email

Sketch Book 2020_21

„A handy sketchbook from 2021… some people take notes, some people sketch, but a sketchbook is the most important part of an artist’s soul :)“

„another space“ new painting

A new painting inspired by arcade games and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, transporting the viewer to the realm of fantasy that gamers experienced in the 1980s…for sale.. more info :