Golf Star /painting/

A magnificent artwork, created in acrylic on a canvas measuring 120×80, depicting the Victory of a Young and TalentedGolf Player – @brano_lucansky+++++++++++++++++++++++++„Swinging those clubs with style, our groovy golf king aced that hole-in-one, and the ladies cheered and grooved to the rhythm of victory on the green!“

Skyline_/music video/

A music video for the Czech band Skyline… Black Hole.. is in a comic spirit, where demons from space attack Prague and start subjugating it through music… also with elements of violence.. fantasy comics 🙂

AMO_ Bratislava /video/

He was writing year in 2004, and another element arrived in Slovak hip-hop – music videos. At that time, nobody believed that rap could be successful here. I believed in it, and with the support of cameraman Noro Hudec, this legendary music video was created for the iconic song by the band AMO – Bratislava.

Toxique_ music video

I like almost all my video clips… but I have particularly fond memories of this one. It was a video clip produced with Eallin in Prague for the band Toxique, shot on film. It’s about a girl who is still alone even though she has a partner, until it eventually frustrates her, and… watch the …

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Scuottie NFT on OpenSea.

We have added an NFT for sale on the OpenSea website for those interested in a similar art form. You can find the Scuottie NFT at this link – https://opensea.io/SCUOTTIE

Comic sketches

I have been toying with the idea of creating and publishing my own comic for quite some time now. So far, I have been crafting stories on canvas or in music videos. I am slowly preparing myself for it and trying to find my style. Here are a few pieces from my imagination. for more …

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Love_ painting

„An image in the style of old-school graffiti… What is love? The love of a girl for a boy, a boy for a girl, or both for graffiti? Is graffiti love? :)“ For purchasing the artwork or any other inquiries regarding commissions, please contact us directly – scuottie@scuottie.com