Sammy and Kim

After the recent „success“ with the depiction of Kim Wilde and Samantha Fox, I was approached again with a similar request. There’s nothing to be

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Navratilova project

Juraj Kralik is a well-known Slovak artist who, at one point, worked on a project where the legendary Czechoslovak tennis player Martina Navratilova shot tennis

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Pigúra – new vinyl

When we released this recording with the band Pigúra… we had no idea that this year, for the band’s anniversary, it would be released on vinyl thanks to @haluzeum.produkt. It’s a limited edition, nothing business-related, just a quality remastered recording of Hello Amerika by the Pigúra band. I thank them and @pkrek for giving me a little push and I even created a cover with stickers for it.

If there’s interest, you can contact the Haluzeum label. I also have a few copies for friends and those who will be the first. I recommend stickers from me as well.