High and Low

One chase scene from a Japanese crime film… written on paperOne chase scene from a Japanese crime film… acryl on paper _ scuottie@scuottie.com

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Reproduced art from a comic I named Scared… it’s acrylic on glass. If interested, please contact me at scuottie@scuottie.com

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Indy a Clou _ Rockstar /video/

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of hip hop in the Czech Republic, Indy prepared a selection and DVD with the support of Budvar company.. and for this occasion, Indy as a rapper teamed up with the rock band Clou and recorded the song Rockstar.. and we created the visual side of this project,

To collaborate on a music video, commercial, or animated spot, please contact us via email at reserve07@scuottie.com