Golf Star /painting/

A magnificent artwork, created in acrylic on a canvas measuring 120×80, depicting the Victory of a Young and TalentedGolf Player – @brano_lucansky+++++++++++++++++++++++++„Swinging those clubs with style,

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music video _AMO_Lúza

Now legendary Rap-videoclips from Bratislava , which I created together with cameraman Noro Hudec in 2004/05 and they are the band Amo – Bratislava and the second one was for the upcoming, production mixtape Viktor Hazard _ double music-video _ AMO – To čo nás spája and Lúza -Aby si niečo dosiahol.. The video clips reflect the atmosphere in Bratislava at the time. /+Bratislava graffiti legends will appear in it/